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 TRAK INSERTS for Sign-Trak & Multi-Trak
TRAK-INSERTS Hang and change signs securely and quickly, with inserts engineered for your specific graphic application. Select the perfect INSERT for your application.

For Insert Pricing please see Signtrak Systems and Multi-Trak Systems.

PHX SignTrak PHH Multi-Trak Inserts
See Also SignTrak Systems and Multi-Trak Systems.
Holds Mat'l Up To Holds Up To Lbs./Ft. Typical Graphic Materials
PA ADHESI-CLAMP Patented "Hinge" with permanent adhesive faces 1/32" 2 Lbs Photo Prints, Screen Prints, Vinyl, Fabrics
PS SPRING-CLAMP Plastic extrusion applies "pinch" side pressure 1/16" 1/4 Lb Poster Board, Card Stock, Single & Double Sided Paper Signs
PT SUPR-GRIP Hard plastic shell with soft vinyl teeth 3/32" 1/2 lb Card Stock, Illustration Board
PM MAGNA-GRIP Two 1/8 x 1/2" hinged magnetic strips. Quick and reusable 1/32" 1 Lb Photo Prints, Screen Prints
PD HANG-ROD 1/4" Dia x 4 ft. long wood dowel requires pocket. No tools required. 1/32" 4 Lbs Vinyl and All Fabric Banners
PR HANG-RIVET Clear plastic rivet & washer press together with fingers to lock 5/32" 3 Lbs Sintra, Acrylic Foam Board, Styrene
PHZ MINI GRIP Plastic living-hinge clamp securely holds posters. 1/16" 2 Lbs Poster Board, Card Stock, Paper Signs, Vinyl, Screen Prints